Vision for the Amazon

What can we do to change the Amazon reality?

Future ideas of what can be done!

In the Amazon region there are many people who live there for decades and others who live there for centuries. We can say there are basically 3 main groups, the indigenous, mostly living in own villages, the settlers, living at the rivers and the citizens of the small cities that are wide spread in the Amazon.

There aren’t many options to have a good income. So many people tend to deforest huge areas for plantations or cattle farming.

We may ask, why deforest the Amazon, if there is already a climatec crisis going on??

We can’t just ban deforestation, without giving an alternative. So there are basically three options left.

  1. You could simply ban deforestation and give the people depending on it a pension to live. – The problem here is that nobody wants to be unproductive for live.
  2. You could make everyone settle out of the Amazon to everywhere else, like a city, for example. – No one would like to give up the land where the ancestors lived.
  3. You could help them asking for sustainable products and resources that can be grown or harvested in forest without deforestation and destruction of itself.

I think you can understand why number 3 is clearly the best option. If we aggregate value on the forest not being destroyed by creating a demand for natural and sustainable products, then we can stop the destruction of such a beautiful place like the Amazon forest.

The people living there will realize that to keep the forest standing will give them more living opportunity than to cut everything down.

As I’m finishing my studies in 2021 I would like to start with this idea in the place where I grew up in the Amazon together with my brother. We want to build a project where we can achieve the goal of changing positively the current reality of deforestation. Through many ways we’ll be able to influence de sustainable development in the Amazon, soon I’ll be explaining more here on my homepage.

If you want to keep in touch with me and to know how everything is going to be, you can follow me on my social networks. Let’s do something good, something that brings hope!